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I like to present to you my collection of license plate pictures across the world.
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New pictures are added on 10 March 2024 !!!!
There are 77 new pictures from 26 countries.

Albania Alderney Algeria Andorra Argentina Australia
Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bolivia
Bosnia i Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burundi Cameroon
Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Chile China Colombia
Congo Dem. Rep. of Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador
Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France French Guiana Gambia
Georgia Ghana Germany Gibraltar Greece Guernsey
Guadeloupe Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Iran
Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Japan Jersey
Jordan Kazakhstan Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia
Lebanon Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Madagascar
Malaysia Malta Martinique Mexico Moldova Monaco
Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Nepal Netherlands
Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria North Macedonia Norway
Paraguay Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Reunion
Romania Rwanda Russia San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia SMOM South Africa South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand
Transnistria Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City State Others

Ovals of the world

Also very interesting is the following list of ovals of all countries.
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Other interesting license plate links

For those who cannot get enough, there are a lot of interesting sites about license plates.
I will give some links of my favourite ones.

PP          Plates Portal Portal to all great license plate websites Europlate - Registration Plates of the World Olav's License Plate Pictures by Olav Arne Brekke. Website by Christian Frauenfelder from Switzerland. LICENSE PLATES OF THE WORLD by Michael Kustermann. Website by Indrek, plate spotter in Estonia Website by Sander from the Netherlands License Plate Collectors by Jean-Emmanuel Chevry. Lot's of information about personalized plates by Adam Croft. ALPCA- The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. Where's That Vehicle Come From? - Official. Andrew Pang's License Plate Home Page Jiri from Czech Republic Maps of license plates Austrian site in German with many nice pictures from plates in Europe. Site from Victor Sastre from Spain. Site from Carlos from Spain. Site from Raphael from France.

But a simple search to "license plates" will take you to many other sites.


Let me first start with a small introduction of myself. My name is Jeroen Coninx, born 1976, and I live in Belgium.
Since I was already very young, I have been fascinated by license plates. My mother always said I could tell where a car
was from before I even could read. It was my father who introduced me to the world of plates when we were on holiday in
Switzerland. Since then, I have always been interested in plates. In those days, the early eighties, there were not that
many plates to be seen though. Eastern Europe was still behind the iron curtain. The highlight each year was when we went
on holidays, always to the Alps, either in Switzerland, France or Austria. When driving through Germany or France I
always took notes of the plates I saw on the highways and when we stopped I checked the parking area, mostly for trucks
to see if there were no special plates. My mother always was a bit scared to see me running around the parking lots,
looking at plates rather than at cars passing. At that time, I did not take any pictures yet, which is a bit regrettable
as I remember seeing USSR, DDR and old Yugoslavian plates that are not around any more.

Later I went to university in Leuven and my interest was pushed a bit to the background although I always kept my eyes
open. Looking at a plate when a car is passing is a reflex that you cannot get out of your system anymore. When I
graduated and started working, I had a bit more time and discovered some plate websites on the Internet. I remembered
the frustration I had when I was younger and saw a plate that I could not identity and how I wished there were books
about plates. Now, I finally saw that there was something like that around. At that moment, I made the decision to also
collect pictures of plates I saw. On January 5, 2000, I had a day off and drove to Germany for my first license plate
day trip. There I took quite some pictures, most of them turned out to be very bad pictures since I was standing too far
away from the plate to have a good image. Later, I improved myself in taking pictures - also because I bought a better
(digital) camera.

First, I took pictures that I kept in a drawer. Later that year, I started to learn HTML to make a website. At that time
I just wanted to have a website like everybody else. In the beginning, the website had nothing to do with license plates.
It was only some time later I decided to devote my website to plates. The first version of this website only showed around
30 plates and all information was still in Dutch. Fairly quickly I realized that changing to English would be better if I
wanted to attract more visitors. My website got bigger and bigger and after 4 years I decided to buy my own domain name
(, which is still my website at this moment. However, there are more than 30 plates on there now.
During all these years I always expanded and improved my website as good as possible. The result is that my website now
(March 2024) shows plates of 119 different countries and contains 6882 pictures. All these pictures I have taken myself
or are taken by my wife Eva when I was for instance driving.

The plates are taken anywhere I could, in Belgium or somewhere else. Travelling is thus very important to me, not only because
of plates, also because I really like seeing the world. Luckily, my wife Eva thinks the same about this so we did quite some
travelling. Unfortunately, time and money are two major constraints. Nevertheless, we made some very nice trips to - just to
name a few - Ecuador, Canada, Argentina, Thailand (honeymoon) and many places inside Europe. These are always major
opportunities to get many new plates. Since 2003, I have been also able to travel a bit for work purposes. Being in the
electronic business, these trips were mainly to Asia (Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan) and Northern America (US and Canada).
These trips are unfortunately always too short to see anything of the country or city, but luckily there is always enough time
to get some good plate pictures. I also got stuck in Hong Kong airport for 13 hours, which was great, because I could get
several nice photos over there.

September 20, 2007 was a very special day for Eva and me as it was the day our first baby was born. A healthy baby
girl Nora saw her first light at 8 PM. She is a very beautiful and lovely little girl and we are extremely happy to have her.

December 9, 2010 as well was a very special day for Eva and me. That day we became parents of two beautiful twins, Jolien and Ruben.
Having two babies at the same time proved to be a lot of work. License plates and the website are now suddenly of less importance
for some time, so be prepared for less and smaller updates in the (near) future. But maybe in a few years time, there will be several
of us looking at plates.

In all these years and being in all those places, I managed to get a very nice amount of great plates. A lot of people have
already asked me which my favourite plate is amongst all. Therefore, I created the following page with
all my favourite plates
which are all special to me in some way (December 2007).

This is my story and I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I have done making it. If you have any comments or recommendations,
please feel free to contact me at my personal email address.